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Tree Limb Removal
Don’t let fallen limbs after a storm or branches left from the tree removal process kill your grass, attract pests and degrade the appearance of your home – Mister Tree is here to help. We have full-service tree limb removal for all residential and commercial projects, no matter how big or small. Contact us now to arrange a free consultation.

Brush Removal
Brush removal is a fast and affordable way to enhance the appearance of your residential or commercial property. It’s also an integral part of preparing a lot for construction. Mister Tree offers brush removal in Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, Arlington, Jackson and parts of Mississippi and Arkansas. Whether you’re clearing your lot for pre-construction or looking to beautify your home, we’ve got the trained specialists and heavy-duty equipment needed to quickly clean up your lot.

Commercial Property Cleanup
A clean, professional lot does wonders for a business. In addition to boosting your business’ physical appearance, maintaining your lot avoids the likelihood of workplace incidents that could harm your employees and customers and incur costly expenses.

Fallen Tree Removal
If a tree has fallen on your commercial or residential property, our first hope is that everyone is safe. Our next concern is the prompt and safe removal of the tree, limbs and all debris. Mister Tree is available around the clock and will immediately respond to any emergency fallen tree removal calls. Our expert team is trained in safe tree removal and have the skills and equipment to quickly resolve your problem.

Yard Debris Removal
Mister Tree’s tree removal services include the removal of all related debris, but we’re available to help in other situations, too. After a free consultation, our team will promptly arrive at your property at the scheduled time, clean up all of the debris plaguing your yard and haul it away for safe disposal. Yard debris removal has never been easier.

Residential Property Cleanup
Spring and fall cleanups are a pain to say the least. Changing seasons, big storms and other wear and tear cause our yards to fill with leaves and other debris that damage grass and detract from your curb appeal. Save yourself some back-breaking labor and take control of your Saturdays by calling Mister Tree today to schedule a residential property cleanup.

Debris Removal